Driftwood and weathered wood paintings



A series of unique pieces of art, which are as much about the wood and its history as the painting. This wood has lived before, as a tree, then as an item that may have been loved or used, but then lost or discarded. I want to give it a new identity. Each piece of wood offers wonderful possibilities: the sea- worn textures, grain patterns and old, flaking paint might suggest misty landscapes, rippled water and other settings. I paint creatures which will enhance each background and which I feel is appropriate to the wood. And then the wood continues with a new life...



Polar bears have to be one of my favourite creatures. When presented with what could be a snow covered landscape I couldn't help but see Drifa amble into view. Painted on 17th century door panel. 69x49 cm framed. Sold

Emperor moths, male and female

I've always been rather taken by moths. Rather more mysterious than their often preferred cousins, the butterfly.  So here the male Emperor moth has caught the scent of the female and is just about to introduce himself... 


I was thrilled to discover this magnificent piece of spalted beech. Almost a shame to paint on, but not quite! I saw the downs in this piece, an ancient chalk landscape and a home to the mysterious and beautiful hare. 54x44cm framed. Sold  


Taken from Japanese mythology, the magical Kitsune leaps through the snow ( and over the keyhole in this section of ancient door). 58x41cm framed. Sold

Return from Midgard

Norse legend has it that Odin has two ravens which fly around the world each day, returning with news for Odin. On this occasion I fancied this raven wished to return with a treasure too! 49x60cm Sold

Fox under the night sky

An interesting bit of driftwood, obviously bright blue in a previous life. Now providing a night sky under which a fox may prowl. Can you see the star? 58x25cms framed. 


Fox under the night sky (detail)


Named after a 6th century bard, Taliesin sings his beautiful song. 56x29cm Sold

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