A series of unique pieces of art, which are as much about the wood and its history as the painting. This wood has lived before, as a tree, then as an item that may have been loved or used, but then lost or discarded. I want to give it a new identity. Each piece of wood offers wonderful possibilities: the sea- worn textures, grain patterns and old, flaking paint might suggest misty landscapes, rippled water and other settings. I paint creatures which will enhance each background and which I feel is appropriate to the wood. And then the wood continues with a new life...

Huginn and Muninn

Odin had two ravens which would fly each day and return in the evening to him with news. In the Codex Regus of the Poetic Edda there is a verse referring to the ravens. I have translated this verse into runic, an ancient alphabet used in old Norse,  and hand burned it around the wood. Sold


In Greek mythology the 9 daughters of Peirus were turned into Magpies for claiming to be better singers than the muses.

Here I have painted this controversial bird on an interesting piece of wood discarded by a cabinet maker.

Oil and gold leaf on wood. 46 x 32 cms. Sold


Hertha also known as Nerthus is an earth godess associated with fertility. Sold


Marmaduke and Myrtle

You can tell these two are up to no good! I dare you to try to out stare them! Painted on a large oak panel that I saw as the well scratched farm yard floor. 116 x 54 cm. Sold

Andvari's Gold

From Norse legend, Andvari was a dwarf who was tricked out of his gold by the infamous trickster Loki. When reunited with his gold, he hid it in the deep dark earth...  Sold

Hati Hrodvitnisson

In Norse mythology, Hati Hróðvitnisson is a wolf that, according to Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda, chases Máni, the moon, across the night sky. 48x36cm framed size

Gullinkambi and Fjalar

Named after the roosters the sit in the tree of life 'Yggdrasil'. These pheasants are prepared to battle to see who will rule the roost! 105x42cm framed. Sold